How to get to Harbin

Harbin can be reached by air and train.

Air:You can fly to Harbin directly, or you can also fly to the main international airports in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and then fly to Harbin.

Airlines Directlyto Harbin
Tokyo(东京) 2 hours
Nagoya(民古屋) 4 hours
Osaka(大阪) 3 hours
Seoul(首尔) 2.5 hours
Hong Kong(香港) 7 hours
Jeju Island(济州岛) 7 hours(transfer)
Moscow(莫斯科) 17 hours
Bangkok(曼谷) 10 hours(transfer)
Macau(澳门) 7 hours
Taipei(台北) 4 hours